The Newsworthy Strategy: How to Scrape News Sites for Better Content

Dan Suciu
5 min readMay 19, 2021


In our increasingly digital world, more and more business happens online. A company’s website is sometimes the primary way through which consumers can interact with their brand or product. This is especially true of news companies, which have moved away from print media and embraced the online world.

With all that information on the Internet, a business can benefit from gathering targeted news data to grow and optimize its products and services. People consume more and more content nowadays. And knowing how to use the power of data to influence customers while attracting new ones is essential in today’s attention economy.

This is where web scraping comes in — collecting and storing all that data would be a real pain in the neck if done manually. With automatic data extraction, your business can gather data in no time while focusing on optimization and growth.

Let’s take a look at how your business can benefit from web scraping news sites.

Scraping News Data

Web scraping refers to the process of collecting structured data from any public website. This information can then be exported and stored as a CSV, excel file, or JSON.

This technique is advantageous when your business requires large amounts of data in a short period of time. Its efficiency and cost-effectiveness make it a handy tool when you need to gather news data very fast.

However, you need to consider several ethical and legal factors when scraping for information from news outlets.

First off, some countries have strict local laws that may forbid web harvesting. So you need to carefully consider the country of origin of the website you are targeting. Then, you may also want to look at individual websites. Some terms and conditions you will encounter may have a policy against bots.

You have to make sure that you are not harming the news website’s business. The critical issue here is the purpose of scraping. Scraping for educational purposes or creating a private database of news carries little risk of hurting the news organization. However, duplicating unique content for commercial use can hurt a business, which may cause it to retaliate.

I’m not telling you all of this to discourage you from web scraping news sites. Quite the contrary. These are just some guidelines to keep in mind when web scraping this kind of content. And if you have more significant questions about data extraction ethics, here’s a thorough article to explore. Now let’s see why you should use web scraping for news data extraction.

Reputation Management

Web scraping on news sites helps with monitoring what is said about your company online. This type of strategy can be extended to blogs and social media posts, and it’s handy, regardless of the negative or positive press.

If your company receives some negative backlash on services or products, you can stay on top of it by doing damage control without delay. At the same time, with web scraping, you can stay informed about positive reactions from customers and experts and devise a strategy to capitalize on them.

Web scraping can handle large datasets at a fast pace. With this knowledge in mind, you can set daily processes that keep you updated on your company’s name being mentioned in the online space. This strategy can lead to better products and a healthier relationship with your customers.

Competition Insight

Analyzing your competitors’ content strategy can give your business a huge advantage, especially when they already have a big following and heavily engage with the public. So what to look for when scraping their websites?

Scraping for the volume of posts published in different intervals of time gives you a better understanding of how you should think about content management. You should also gather data about what articles are being shared the most and which is getting the most comments. This information can not only optimize your content strategy but also your social media presence.

This benefit doesn’t apply to businesses in the publishing industry. Even if your company runs a small blog about its products, you should scrape your competitors’ blogs or other relevant industry news sites. By doing this, you stay on top of the main discussions in your field and can upgrade your content to attract more possible prospects and opportunities.

Trend Data

With web scraping, you can do more than just be informed about what your competitors are writing about. With the possibility of scraping hundreds of websites faster, you can access a fresh list of relevant topics to write about anytime.

Automation of trend following is a great content strategy, but it also helps create original articles that may require more time and resources. Things that you may not have enough of if you are manually trying to follow trends.

Combining data scraped from competitors, and other news sites gives your business a fresh new take on the current trends. Using this knowledge, you optimize your content strategy and stand out with fresh new ideas.

Key Phrases

You must speak the “language” of your target audience. You don’t want to seem like an outsider. This is where scraping news articles and websites can also help.

By collecting data from competitors and other relevant sites, you can quickly discover what keywords they are using to bring traffic to your website. Through web scraping, you can also analyze article categories and common terms which attract audiences.

Collected keywords allow you to quickly write articles relevant to your audiences and have the potential to create trends instead of following them. This is where web scraping shines because it’s a process that creates space for more creative work while automating tedious tasks that indirectly affect your content strategy.

Scraping the News

Web scraping news sites and articles gives you an edge over your competitors in today’s hyper-digital world. It can strengthen a comprehensive content strategy and offers the resources to come up with bold new ideas.

Regardless of the use, like reputation management, competition insight, or everything in between, web scraping is a great tool to collect relevant data from news sites and blogs. This information can later be analyzed and used to create trendsetting articles, products, or services.

Want to start scraping news sites but don’t have the right tools? Choose the right web scraper from this list and start optimizing your content strategy with the power of data.